Diwali celebration with kids

This year we celebrated festival Diwali with the kids from an orphanage in Lucknow there were around 40 kids in orphanage,we distributed school bags and we offer them evening snacks veg noodles and momos on their demand and then we we lighted fire crackers with them the then we distributed sweets and we promised them that we will come again with something new, and asked them to write their wish on a greeting card and lets hope that we can fulfill their dreams .
the Diwali celebration was one beautiful event all team members are there they were celebrating Diwali with them, kids were feeling like they are with their family members or happy , Joyous, excited and yes they were very very happy us after receiving their new school bags and having breakfast of their choice.there is smile means a lot to us we have strictly working for the betterment then we collected all the greetings of wishes and try to fulfill them in our next event.

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Sanitary napkin Distribution

We distributed sanitary pad to the women of villages who need this .
these are basic and essential item for them. we run a short campaign for donation and our donor supported as generously . sanitary napkins distributed to all villagers approx 200 womens received sanitary pads and they were little shy receiving this, but we were there and told them how important this is for their health we aware them about the menstrual hygiene keeping them clean ,it’s important for them use sanitary napkin instead of clothes and other things which are unhygienic and even WHO says lots of women can’t afford to use sanitary napkin which creates serious illness .these kind of effort should be done by us and will try to reach maximum as we can and in future we need to create awareness among the women . we will try to use biodegradable degradable sanitary napkins so that we can help and environment also ,because the sanitary napkins create a dump which couldn’t be recycled easy so we focus to do awareness drive which is helpful for environment and as well as women also.keep supporting us.


Secrate santa

When we coming back from orphanage after Diwali celebration the idea of Secret Santa came and we discussed what kids wishes are and can we do anything about it!

kids demanded for toy car, new dress watches, shoes, goggles even, toy gun and most of the kids wanted cycle and few kids wanted to go out for a movie and all. So we started a campaign on ketto for the secret Santa and start receiving funds , we have enough time to generate some funds on 5th December and we completed The campaign and on December 15. We started shopping as per the list and we tried to reach every wish of the child accept cycle, cycle was a out of budget thing,so we skip cycle . we have done most of the list so on the 25th December, we wraps all the gifts and then we all headed towards the orphanage again.

so finally very happy they were so so excited , this was the one of the happiest Christmas celebration for them as well as for us also we were also so happy that we actually fulfill the wishes of kids in orphanage and they were really sweet and simple wishes. Effort to make them happy and this give us a feeling of contentment we wanted to do this activity more and we are looking for new orphanage in UP.

If any one having contact with child orphanage please send us the contact Details.


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