In order to help many poor families struggling with the Corona crisis in the district Amethi of Uttar Pradesh, the team I-Foundation came forward and provided cold relief material for more than 100 villagers which included clothes and essential items. The Team lFoundation appealed to the people to co-operate with them and people lended Full support as a result the relief material was arranged.

The organization has been doing such pious works before and will continue to do so and will continue to fulfill its commitment to the welfare of the society.
D.M. Amethi Shriman Arun Kumar ji also appreciated this sacred work. CDO of Amethi district Dr. Ankur Lathar also praised the efforts of the team I-Foundation.
Smt. Meera Yadav, President of the
I Foundation, said that at such a time, all of us as a countrymen who are financially capable and can help others should come forward and help every needy.

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7Th annual function

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The annual function of I – Foundation was a vibrant celebration of empowerment and creativity as school children from various communities enthusiastically participated in an essay and drawing competition centered around the theme of women empowerment.
The event buzzed with youthful energy as the young participants passionately expressed their thoughts and artistic skills on the importance of empowering women in society. Through their essays and drawings, they showcased their understanding of the struggles faced by women and the transformative impact that empowerment can have on their lives and the entire community.
The event also featured inspiring speeches by prominent figures in the field of women empowerment, who commended the children for their remarkable insights and artistic talents. Their words of encouragement uplifted the spirits of the young participants, reinforcing the significance of their contributions.
At the end of the event, the winners were honored with certificates and prizes, recognizing their exceptional creativity and thoughtfulness.


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