Cloth Distribution

This drive is started our social platform as we see so much people in winters in Northern India are deprived of clothes and they die due to cold waves that hits North India badly approx 100 to 200 family are badly effected by these cold waves every year which is very depressing in our society where people are dying due to lack of clothes.this was the thing which moved us so we started this drive.
we started collecting clothes from the person who are willing to donate we washed it and packed it nicely and during cold waves season we stepped out from house in night and we reach to the people sleeping in open sky , shivering out of cold we give them clothes which help them to survive ,they were happy and they were blessing us, theirblessings motivated us to do social work and then we build this organisation and from that day we are doing every work for social benefits including everything.
Hope you all support us human kind is the way to live and be happy.

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